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Career Certifications

We offer a wide variety of career certification options for those seeking a new career or to further their current career.

In order to qualify to take the trainings listed below at no cost to the student, the student must meet the following requirements: 

  • Enroll in adult education for 12 hours

  • Pass a drug screen 

  • Complete online career assessment

  • Have high levels of reading and math 

Most of the programs are offered several times a year. Some of our most popular training options are listed below, but we also offer other options. New courses are added frequently!  For more information, please call the Learning Center to set up an appointment.

CDL-A and B Truck Driver 

This program prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to drive trucks and buses, delivery vehicles, for-hire vehicles, and other commercial vehicles. 

Training Length: 3 weeks 
Additional Requirements: Must have a clean driving record and pass the health requirements

HVAC Maintenance Technology

The HVAC Maintenance program is designed to help students develop technical knowledge and skills related to the installation, repair, and maintenance of residential heating and air conditioning equipment. Students who complete the course will be awarded a Technical Certificate in HVAC Maintenance Technology and an EPA Technician Certification. 

Training Length: 12 weeks

Gas Metal Arc Welding 

Advance your career with a Welding Certification from the American Welding Society.  During the training, students will use virtual reality simulators and live welding. 

Training Length: 4 weeks

Emergency Medical Technician 
This program teaches responsibility of BLS provider within an EMS system, how to administer medications, perform physical exam, treat patients, and much more. 
Training Length: ~12 weeks
Additional Requirements: 17+ years of age, Up-to-date immunizations, CPR certification, criminal background chec

This class is designed to prepare students to not only pass the Paraprofessional certification test, but to also equip students with the practical skills necessary to function as a successful paraprofessional in the classroom, culminating in opportunities to be employed in the BFW Adult Education classroom for qualifying participants. 
Training Length: 6 weeks
Additional Requirements: Background Check

This course is designed to prepare students to pass the CPR, Suicide Prevention,  ServSafe and START certification test and equip students with the practical skills necessary to successfully function in a restaurant/food handling environment.  This class will provide best practices for food safety and handling that is applicable and required for public safety.
180 Skills - Online Education 
A wide variety of courses are offered to provide you with certifications to help you in job advancement. 
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